Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! I'm 4.5 pounds now!! Watch me move!

Well, it has been too long since mom has posted. As you can see, I started this post on January 1st. It is now January 24th and mom is finally posting! Get ready for a novel! She has been her stubborn self and didn't want to post until she could get me on video (on video in a size that Blogger would allow her to download). What a chore that has been! She has finally succeeded, although the clip is only a few seconds long! Either way, Yea!

Let us begin. First, Mom and I made it through the holidays! Both a little plumper, but that's no surprise given mom's prior 28 weeks of growth! :) More importantly, we all had a great Christmas and New Year and hope you all did too. Meermaw's side of the family threw us a surprise shower at the Christmas Eve gathering. Mom and dad were very excited! It was their first shower. They (well, I) got lots of goodies. So many cute pink things, from a Boppy, hats, a grow chart, socks and towels to a handmade blanket from my Great-Grandma Felts. Mom and dad can't wait to show me the blanket. It is so special to them both, they are very excited to have it in my room and be able to share memories of Grandma Felts with me!

Second, mom had appointments on January 5th and 22nd. Dad hasn't missed an appointment yet, he is such a great dad already! Both appointments went well. The doctor was really just checking moms weight, blood pressure and my growth. And making sure mom didn't have any questions or problems. All, well except for moms rapid weight gain, went perfect at both appointments. We won't talk specifics, but let's say she's over 40 pounds gained....Her next appointment is February 5th.

Third, mom and dad started baby classes this month. The basic baby class is a 5 week class every Monday starting the first Monday in January. They have had 3 classes so far and they are going great. Did you know in only 10% of women do their water break naturally?? That was going to be mom's signal - now what?! Anyway, last week was a tour of the hospital. Dad knows where to go, but mom has grandma's sense of direction and doesn't know which way is up! Good thing dad will be driving! They got to see the nursery in the tour and all the new babies of the day. There was a little 4.5 pound baby in the nursery which was too cute (and which is the same size I am now - holy moly!). Mom and dad are even more excited now, if that's possible! Mom and dad also took a baby/infant, child and adult CPR class (with mom's genes a part of me, you can never be too careful!). The final class, which is this coming Thursday, is a Breastfeeding class. I sure hope I will breastfeed for mom!! I know how mom is - if she paid $40 for a class, I better latch on! :)

Fourth, mom and dad have been on the hunt for a pediatrician. Who would have thought this would be such a chore?! I guess if they (and I) have to live with this doctor for the next 18 years it's good to put a little thought into it now. They have had two appointments so far. One went well and the other was terrible (the doctor didn't even show up...). Mom scheduled two more appointments and they will pick from one of those three (obviosuly the one who didn't show up is off the list). Mom will keep you posted on their grand decision! The next two appointments are this coming week. If you are keeping track, that's 2 pediatrician appointments, baby class and breastfeeding class all next week! It will be a baby week!!!

Fifth, baby showers! Mom has her second shower today in Nashville and her third (and final) shower in Knoxville next Saturday, the 31st. She is very excited to see all her friends and get to open more goodies!!

Sixth, my chair arrived!!! Yea! Daddy surprised mommy with it last Friday and had it all set up in my room. Here it is:

Finally, and to the good stuff, I am moving a whole lot now. Dad loves to entice me to kick and roll. I am definitely more of a roller, but aren't afraid to kick dad when he deserves it. I am starting to get a little cramped, so I'll probably slow down my movements a tiny bit in the next few weeks. The doctor told mom I will peak at 30 weeks with my movements. Mom and dad got a video camera for Christmas from Meermaw and Grandaddy. They have been trying to catch a quick glimpse of my movements and here is what they were able to capture last night:

Finally, for real this time, here is mom at 32 weeks....

Mom's next appointment is Thursday, February 6th.