Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Creek Falls - more waterfalls!

Today we went to another fall - the BIG one.  I loved it.  We took Evan along this time.  He slept through most of it...and as you can see, I was very happy about taking a picture over looking at the water fall...

 On the way back to the cabin, we had to stop at my favorite bridge again. I LOVE IT!!

Fall Creek Falls - boat ride!

With a little fishing!  Sort of, I'm still practicing! :)

Fall Creek Falls - playing in the cabin

 Feeding the  We never did see the ducks this trip. Boo! :(

 Bubble time!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Creek Falls - Swinging Bridge and waterfall

After naps, we all decided to get out and find a WATERFALL!  Aunt Kara, Zane, Annabeth, mommy, daddy, Evan and I all went looking.  In our quest for a waterfall, we found an awesome swinging bridge.  I loved, loved, loved running back and forth across it.  It scared mommy to death!  Here I am crossing it with daddy:

 What a beautiful view!
 Aunt Kara, Zane and Annabeth made it across!
 Here I go back across!! (don't worry, I didn't go alone!)

 Another outstanding view:

 Playing with daddy.

 Zane and Annabeth throwing rocks into the water.

 More playing with daddy (waterfall in the back ground).

 Running back to the car!

Fall Creek Falls - Swinging with Annabeth

So it was a little cold and a little rainy, but mommy (and I) wanted to get out of the cabin. So, mommy, Annabeth, and I all went to the playground to SWING!  It was a lot of fun!