Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 year doctor's appointment

Today was my two year doctor's appointment. I did not like it at all!! This was the first time I got to stand on the scale for my weight measurement and stand by the wall for my height measurement. I did not like the nurse lowering the height stick to my head, so my measurement there isn't very accurate. The doctor was fine with that, as it's hard to get a measurement the first time. So, according to those, my weight is 26 pounds and my height is 33". I am in the 34th and 23rd percentiles. The doctor checked me over, which I screamed through the entire process - hey, you never know when they are going to whip out a needle, you can't let you guard down!! And sure enough, just when I thought I was done and mommy was dressing me, in came a nurse with two shots. Whew, those hurt. The good news is I'm done until kindergarten shots (unless mommy chooses to do the yearly flu shot...)! Yea! Mommy was happy to get another glowing report on my health!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion Show Time

Mommy ordered some dresses for me a few weeks ago. Originally they were to wear to my party and to wear for my 2 year old pictures. Well, they didn't make it in time for my party, so just pictures it is. Daddy let me open the package and I was so excited to see them, I had to try them on! So, a fashion show began:

Oh, she ordered a pair of pants too - I put those on under my new dress. Here they are:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ice cream stop

On the way home from boating, we stopped for a treat. Here's how I eat my ice cream.

Step one, shove your face into it and suck away.

Step two, come up for air breaks.

Why, do you eat yours differently???

Boat ride!!!

We are just having the most beautiful March this year! Mommy and daddy decided we should go on a boat ride today. Once they mentioned boat, I was super excited!! Here I am yelling boat, ready to go:

Riding with daddy across the lake:

Short stop to look closely at the water:

Then I decided to drive us to the next spot:

Soooo cooool!

We stopped to watch some sailboats go by.

The ride back I cuddled up with mommy:

It was a great afternoon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Another beautiful Saturday, so we headed to the zoo. I love looking at all of the animals!!

Oh, and I had to wear my new boots...

The petting zoo was so much fun. I got to pet a goat:

But I preferred just running around:

You can't see them, but I'm looking at the pink flamingos!

Taking a break on daddy:

As we were leaving, the monkeys decided to put on a show. They were singing and swinging from the trees. It was so much fun to listen and watch them!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My actual birthday

Yesterday was my party, but today is my actual birthday. Since we didn't eat the backpack cake at my party, mommy and daddy saved it for today. I got to try to blow out more candles, and more importantly, eat more cake!
Daddy had to blow out my candles, but I have the eating down pat!

Today I also woke up with two new teeth!!! My bottom two i-teeth finally broke through! Whew, they hurt! That makes teeth 13 and 14, I am on my way to a full mouth!

Granddaddy's book

I love listening to Granddaddy read me my new book!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2nd Birthday - Presents galore!

We opened presents at the park before we all had to leave. I got so many fun things, thank you everyone!

What's this? The remote to Grandma and Grandpa's gate, so I can visit them anytime I want (and go swimming!)!! Yea!

Dora book, love it:

MONKEY! My favorite!

Oh, the sticker book was the best:

A new baby doll. I love the paci for the baby:

Back at home, Meermaw and Granddady gave me their gifts. I got a book that has Granddaddy's voice recorded as he reads me the story. So cool!

AND a rocking chair from Cracker Barrel!! SO much fun!

Oh, my Dora doll and sunglasses:

2nd Birthday - Party Time!

My party was today at Long Hunter State Park. It was a beautiful day this year!!!! Grandma & Grandpa, Meermaw & Granddaddy, Uncle Bart, Aunt Kara, Zane, Annabeth, Lincoln & Fletcher, Uncle Bubba, Aunt Stacy & DJ, Sean, Laine & Jake, Ryan, Robin, Noah & Nolan, Mandi, Carly & Nate, Adam, Amanda & Mia, Justin & Tonya all came to my party! Kelly stopped by before my party (and brought me a Dora backpack!!). David & Maura are going to celebrate with me at Sombreros next week. I have such great friends already! Mommy and daddy brought our bounce house and it was a big hit! Here I am with Annabeth: And Zane and Annabeth:

And here's Mia, Carly, Jake and Noah having fun:

Meermaw and I decided to go for a walk down the path, we had so much fun!!

My two smallest guests, Lincoln and Fletcher:
Cake time! I did not like or understand those two things mommy called candles. She helped me blow them out.
But I had no problem eating the cake!
And ice cream...

Oh, this is the life....