Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm A .....


YEAH!!! :) Mom and dad went to the ultrasound Monday, the 27th with Meermaw, Grandaddy, Grandma and Grandpa for my 20 week ultrasound. It was so much fun! Everyone really enjoyed seeing me on the big screen! I was much more crowded this time, so it was more difficult to decipher me, but still an amazing experience for mom and dad once again. Dad told everyone he and mom were not going to find out my sex, but at the last minute he changed his mind (mom is still convinced he was always going to find out and was just messing with everyone the past 20 weeks! Ah, that's my dad!). After the ultrasound, my grandparents all headed home and mom and dad went to their regular check up. Dad got to find my heartbeat again at this appointment and I am still beating fast and strong! While searching for the heartbeat, the doctor had dad stop on the umbilical cord, I believe, and the doctor said that sound was a great sign. It showed that I am getting plenty of oxygen and blood supply from mom's cord! The doctor also went over the results from the measurements taken at the ultrasound. (you know, the real reason they do the ultrasound...) All of my measurements match up with my due date and show that I am, well, not to brag, but perfect. :) Other than that, mom was just warned AGAIN about gaining too much weight....some things will never change! (Ah, that's my mom!)

Here are a couple of pictures of me:

And here's mom:

Well, that's a bad angle, here's another picture of mom:

Mom's next appointment is December 4th!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dad felt me kick!

Now that mom is certain she feels me kicking and moving around in her belly (Yeah!), she decided to try to get dad to feel a kick too. Since I seem to be most active at night (which mom thinks is not a good trend to start....but what does she expect, both her and dad are night owls!!), mom and dad decided to try it tonight. After our flight home, mom layed on the couch and just had dad keep his hand on her belly. At first he felt little movements, probably my back flips, and then I gave him one good jab. He could feel me!!! Yeah!!

Don't forget, Grandma, Grandpa, Meermaw and Grandaddy are coming up Friday/Saturday for my big ultrasound Monday. We are all so excited. Stay tuned!!!

My first flight

Well, after weeks of mom dreading my first flight, it is over and I was wonderful! I don't know what she was so worried about!! She mentioned something about being away from her doctor/hospital if there was an emergency and me making her sick on the flight. I say she just worries too much! :) This is just the beginning, mom!! Dad was going to go with her, but she talked him out of it. He needed to stay home and get some work done - at his job and on the house!!! Anyway, I was flying because mom had a business trip in Las Vegas. We left on Sunday and returned today. Mom followed doctor's orders and had her "spec" sheet if something did go medically wrong, drank lots of water on the flight, ate little snacks the whole way and walked around as much as the flight attendants would let her. I didn't make her sick at all, but I did kick her quite a bit to let her know I wished we were on the ground! We're glad to be back home!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Am I kicking mom?

While mom is still hesitant to definitely say she has officially felt me move, she is pretty sure last night while watching some DVR on the couch after work she felt me kick her twice. (Yeah! The day has finally arrived!!) She felt one little tap immediately followed by another. She should know that it was me, I mean I was pretty hungry and telling her to eat some dinner! She was trying to wait for dad, but I, like my mom, have no patience! Mom still hasn't really felt the flutters or queazy sensations the books say you feel early, so I may breeze on by that phase and jump right into kicking her. (lucky her, huh? All I can say is this is what she's been hoping for...)

Mom thinks she felt me again on the way home from work. She was singing to some Madonna on the radio when I gave her a little jab to subtly let her know she can't sing. Ironic? Probably not! :) Dad has now cut her off from any attempt at music so I am not mislead as to what "music is and should sound like." Dad is now going to take over all music/singing that I hear. (Trust me, this is a good thing and something mom really agrees with.) Mom is OK with this, but she may still try to sneak in some singing in the car. I mean, that's her therapy on the way home from work! What will she do on the way home if she's not belting some tunes?!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The big Ultrasound is...

My ultrasound to take my measurements and see if I am a boy or a girl is going to be on October 27th. Grandma and Meermaw will be coming too! We are all very excited. My next doctor's appointment will also be that day following the ultrasound. Mom still can't feel me, but hopefully one day soon!