Friday, February 27, 2009

Mom is 38 weeks tomorrow!!!

Hello everyone! First, on my moms last post, she meant that her next appointment was February 20th, not March 20th - silly pregnant lady. Nobody caught that?! :) Anyway, mom has now had an appointment on February 20th and today, the 27th. At her appointment February 20th she was checked and is not dilated at all. Of course, she hasn't had any contractions or pains to make her think she should be! I am quite happy where am I, why would I leave?! She was also measuring on track and my heart beat still strong! Yea! I am also moving all the time (I wouldn't really say kicking anymore, as I am all out of room!), which is a really good sign. Oh, getting checked is still optional and one reason mom opted to be checked was because this past week she went on a work trip to Chattanooga, praying the whole time I would not make my grand entrance. I decided to listen to her and did not even cause a pain while she was out of town. WHEW! Mom was so happy to be back on Nashville ground Wednesday. That is her last trip out of the city! Anyway, at her appointment today, she is still measuring right on track and my heart beat strong as ever. She has yet to have any contractions or show any signs of labor. I still haven't dropped and am still head down, back to moms left, butt up and legs/feet to moms right. The midwife she saw today said she is very good at estimating the baby's weight. According to her, I am right around 7.5 pounds and with being on track for my due date, I should weigh around 8.5 pounds at birth (if I decide to come in 2 weeks, gaining 1/2 pound a week). Mom did ask, since I seem to be very content, what happens if March 14th comes and goes and I haven't arrived yet. The midwife said they will let me go 41 to 42 weeks before enduction. OH MY! That means I could grow to 9.5 pounds!!!! I think mom would be very mad at me if I do stubborn and mean shall I be???

OK, to what everyone really wants - pictures! For some reason, mom skipped right over pictures of her three showers! The pregnant lady really does lose her mind! (She's not very good at this blog thing, is she?!)

Sooo, here are two pictures from the shower on Christmas Eve by the Jones family, which I mentioned in an earlier blog:

And the shower on January 24th. This shower was thrown by Mandi, who is also preggers (yea!) , at her mom, Dottie's house (for some reason not many people pictures were taken, just pictures of mom opening gifts. She'll spare you those pics! Here are a couple of the other pics). There were both friends and coworkers at the shower and mom got all kinds of great stuff from bibs, a carry bag for nursing, and clothes to a stroller and high chair:

While Laine couldn't make it to the shower, she sent a diaper cake. Is this not too cool???

And here are some pictures from the shower on January 31st in Knoxville at Elizabeth's house. There were lots of friends and family at this shower. Mom was given items such as her pack-n-play, books, diapers, clothes and toys. Grandma also gave me a blanket, baptism outfit, hat and booties from Grandpa. They are items Grandpa used as a little baby and mom and dad are very excited to have them for me. They can't wait to show them to me!

Here is mom at 37 weeks. She is no longer doing face shots.. :) Just kidding - she just doesn't happen to have one to post.

And, lets not leave out embarrasing?! This was taken in their baby class a month ago. Mom forgot to post it, once again, can you believe her?!

Mom's next appointment is March 6th. Only two appointments until my due date!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 5 year Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Today is mom and dad's 5 year anniversary. They were going to get away for a night, but decided to save the money (to spend on me later, I am sure!) and stay home, order in dinner and watch movies. It was a nice, relaxing day (esp after all mom has had dad working on in preparation for me!).

Friday, February 13, 2009

6 Pounds and growing!

Since I'm supposed to be growing 1/2 pound a week, I should now be 6 pounds. Can you believe it?? I'm out of room and pushing on mom all the time now. She seems to struggle a little more everyday with simple tasks like getting out of bed. I'm sure it will only get tougher for her!

Mom had her appointment last week and everything is still going well. She is measuring on time and still gaining too much weight. It looks like I am still on track for March 14th - yea!

This weekend is a 3-Day weekend and mom is looking forward to making more progress on the house. Dad has been working very hard and getting a lot accomplished, but moms list never seems to end.... With the help of Uncle Bubba, we got a new (back) roof last weekend. Exciting!!! This weekend her plan is for the gutters to be fixed and hung, along with garage clean-out. Hopefully dad will make more progress (and keep mom happy, right?). Poor dad can't wait for my arrival - hopefully mom will give him a break then!

No pictures this time....

Moms next appointment is March 20th. She also has the remainder of her appointments scheduled for every Friday thereafter until my arrival. (That's only 3 additional Fridays for anyone counting!) She'll be sure to keep you posted. I know everyone is getting very excited!!!