Sunday, May 29, 2011


For the first time this year we went swimming in our pool at home!!  Yea!  Daddy got in the pool, but mommy thought it was too cold.  I decided I wanted to try it, so she thought, why not.  Turns out, I loved it - not too cold at all!!  What a difference a year makes!  Last year I would have cried to get out immediately!  She didn't bring the camera, thinking I'd last 2 minutes, so no pictures on this post, but I did have a blast! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's not the best picture, but mommy is struggling having the camera at the right time.  This is my "what's that" face. I do it if I hear a fire truck in the distance or airplane in the sky or am just plain excited about whatever I see/hear.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend I had so much fun!!  Friday night mommy, daddy and I went to Sean, Laine and Jake's.  They made us burgers, corn and lots of yummy food!  I had a great time playing with Jake.  We even got to stay up late, we were playing so well together!

Then Saturday, mommy and I went swimming with Grandma, Kara, Zane and Annabeth at Grandma's house.  I love to swim!  I then got to stay at Grandma's overnight and play with Annabeth while mommy went home to clean.  I had a blast!!  This was my third night away from mommy and daddy and I did really well.

Hopefully when my sibling arrives, I will still do well staying with Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Great American Air Show - the actual show

The planes the "show off" at the beginning of the show:

 And the Thunderbirds:

The Great American Air Show - sitting in the planes

My favorite part of the show - sitting and seeing all the planes and helicopters.  I even let strangers hold me!!! Mommy would have never thought....

The helicopter:

A little Marilyn Monroe pose..

Inside the FedEx plane, looking for some shade...

Stranger number one that I was perfectly fine with holding me, as long as I got to see that plane!  These I couldn't go it, but I was allowed to peak inside:

Stranger number two...walked right to him...Mommy needs to watch out for planes that pull up and try to entice me away! :)

The Great American Air Show

This afternoon, mommy, daddy and I went to the air show in Smyrna.  It was HOT, but lots of fun.  I had a blast seeing all the planes! While mommy and daddy thought I'd love seeing the flying planes the most, I really loved getting in the planes on display. It was all amazing!

Here is my first sight of the show:


Just strollin' around:

Mommy tried to put ear plugs in, since the jets were so loud, but I just wouldn't leave them in.  I did try to put them in when the jet would fire up, but I'm not sure how well they really blocked the sound.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ear infection

This past weekend mommy and Kayla went to Knoxville to visit Grandma and Grandpa and go to mommy's godson's (Asher) first communion.  We had a great weekend and enjoyed seeing everyone.  Mommy even squeezed in some time to help Grandma with her upcoming garage sale.  She also got to visit Diana and found out she is pregnant too!  Due in December, yea!!

But, when we came home from Knoxville, I didn't sleep through the night.  Mommy thought it was because daddy moved me to my new room, although kept my bed as a toddler bed (to set up as a full bed in a couple weeks).  And I was just adjusting.  But, then I started running a fever, although I still played well and was happy during the day.  By today mommy decided she better get it checked out and it was a good thing.  I had a terrible ear infection!  The visit was absolutely pitiful.  The doctor checked everything out, while I screamed the whole time.  And on my ears, she couldn't see in my right ear.  She tried to scrape out the blockage to no avail.  So, the nurses had to come in and irrigate.  They wrapped me in a towel, to keep my arms trapped and then squirted water in my ear.  I was probably more scared than in pain, but I still screamed the whole time.  It was a successful irrigation, as a huge hunk of infection came out. The doctor then came back in and looked in my ear where she could confirm the terrible infection.  Since it had been all day since I had any fever reducing medicine, the nurses tried to give me motrin.  After the second squirt in my mouth, as I was still screaming, I threw up everywhere.  I was so pitiful.  The nurse brought me in a wand to try to make me feel better, but I wouldn't take it.  The doctor called in my prescription and we finally left.  That's when I finally calmed down.  Mommy and I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to get my prescription.  Once home, she wanted to get the medicine in my as soon as possible.  When she started to, I started crying again.  She got the prescription medicine down, which she thinks is my way of saying I don't like the taste, and then tried the motrin again (as the doctor asked she do).  Again, after the second try, I threw up everywhere.... Oh, what a bad day this has turned into!  Mommy and I then had a good cry and she was finally able to get the medicine in me.  I sure hope it starts working soon - and works!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dancing with daddy

I'm not sure why I have this face, but daddy and I are dancing and having fun.  We are dancing and singing to Trace Adkins "Honky Tonk Badonky Donk."  My latest favorite song....