Monday, September 29, 2008

My third doctor's appointment

Mom is now 16 weeks and just had her third appointment today. Everything went really well and mom and I are developing perfectly! Daddy was able to participate more in this appointment too. The doctor let him hold the Doppler machine and find my heartbeat. I was real still for him and showed everyone what a real strong heartbeat I have.

There was no ultrasound this time, but don't worry, more of the dreaded blood work (I hope mom can forgive me for all the needles she's enduring someday! HAHA!). While mom has wanted as many ultrasounds as possible, Shelli is only going to do 2, unless mom has any problems. The first ultrasound, as you've seen, mom had at 12 weeks for genetic testing and the second will be scheduled tomorrow for late October (20 weeks). At the second ultrasound, I will be measured to be sure I am developing alright and mom and dad can also find out if I am a boy or a girl. Shelli told mom they haven't done any long term testing on the affects of ultrasounds in children/adults, so she doesn't want to do any more ultrasounds on mom and pretty much made mom feel guilty if she insisted upon more. So, Shelli won and mom is learning to live with her impatience! Anyway, mom is now beyond antsy to feel me, but was told by the doctor that it's normal to not feel a thing until 20 weeks. That's still 4 weeks away - at least mom and dad got to hear my heartbeat again!

By the way, dad is still not convinced he wants to know until my birth what my sex is. Mom, being the impatient planner that she is, is dying to know! Stay tuned to see if mom and dad find out or not!

More to come later when we know when mom's next appointment and ultrasound is.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Photo

On August 17th, Grandma and Grandpa Holzer celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They wanted their present to be an updated family photo, so I thought I would share with you my first family photo. While I can't be seen, just know I am there in mommy's tummy!

My first ultrasound, doppler and second doctor's appointment

It seemed like forever, but mom finally got her first ultrasound of me on August 28th. Boy were mom and dad excited, amazed and simply in awe over seeing me for the first time. What a miracle I truely am! After the ultrasound, mom had a doctor's appointment where the excitement continued. Since mom was 12 weeks now, the outside world could now hear my heartbeat with a Doppler. Mom and dad didn't want to leave either the ultrasound or the Doppler. Since mom still couldn't feel me, she loved the comfort of seeing me bounce all around and hearing my heartbeat. PS - Now mom is about to become quite antsy waiting the next couple of months before she sees or feels me!!! (you know she has no patience...)

And here I am:

And here mom is:

Stay tuned - Mom's next appointment is September 29th.

Telling the parents and siblings

Mom and dad decided they had to tell my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in person. With none of them living in Nashville, TN, this caused most everyone to hear the great news on different days.

Grandaddy and Meermaw Felts were told first on July 20th as they headed back to GA (home) from a long trip to Nashville/Clarksville (this is a whole nother story involving my dad being in a cast and granddaddy coming to the rescue to keep dads small business going). Anyway, Granddaddy and Meermaw were onto mom and dad being pregnant, as mom had her doctors appointment and Grandaddy had to drive my dad to meet mom at the doctor's. Of course, Granddaddy and Meermaw were still very excited and told us I would be joined by a cousin, as Ross and Katie were also pregnant and due in March too. How exciting! (I think mom and Katie need to have a talk, as they seem to be on the same baby making schedule!)

Grandma and Grandpa Holzer and Uncle Bart, Aunt Kara, Zane and Annabeth were all told on July 26th in Indiana at a family reunion. I guess all of Grandma's side of the family was also told this day as your Uncle Bart couldn't contain his excitement and wait until mommy was a little farther along! That's OK, mom really enjoyed being able to share the news in person with everyone!

Last, but not least, Uncle David, Aunt Stacy, Kristen and DJ were told August 8th at Olive Garden. They were also very excited and can't wait to meet me!

My first Doctor's Appointment

On July 16th, mom and dad went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. My doctor is Shelli Collins with the Vanderbilt Midwife Practice. I know what you are thinking, and no I am not going to be born in the woods or at home. My mom values drugs, doctors and hospitals too much! I will be born at Vanderbilt Hospital, hopefully on a non-snowy, non-icy day in March! We found Shelli through my Aunt Kara, who has delivered my two beautiful cousins with Shelli. Mom's OB had just retired and with my pleasant surprise, well, mom needed an OB and Shelli was a good fit!

Stay tuned - Mom's next appointment and first ultrasound will be on August 28th.

The beginning

On July 7, 2008 my mom and dad found out that they were pregnant with me! This is where my glorious story begins! Dad decided to name me Roni, since at this point, I was the size of a rice (i.e. Rice-a-Roni). Here is a picture of mom, newly pregnant. If you can't tell, mom is holding a piece of rice by her belly to show how big I am in there. Just who are my goofy parents?! :)