Friday, February 13, 2009

6 Pounds and growing!

Since I'm supposed to be growing 1/2 pound a week, I should now be 6 pounds. Can you believe it?? I'm out of room and pushing on mom all the time now. She seems to struggle a little more everyday with simple tasks like getting out of bed. I'm sure it will only get tougher for her!

Mom had her appointment last week and everything is still going well. She is measuring on time and still gaining too much weight. It looks like I am still on track for March 14th - yea!

This weekend is a 3-Day weekend and mom is looking forward to making more progress on the house. Dad has been working very hard and getting a lot accomplished, but moms list never seems to end.... With the help of Uncle Bubba, we got a new (back) roof last weekend. Exciting!!! This weekend her plan is for the gutters to be fixed and hung, along with garage clean-out. Hopefully dad will make more progress (and keep mom happy, right?). Poor dad can't wait for my arrival - hopefully mom will give him a break then!

No pictures this time....

Moms next appointment is March 20th. She also has the remainder of her appointments scheduled for every Friday thereafter until my arrival. (That's only 3 additional Fridays for anyone counting!) She'll be sure to keep you posted. I know everyone is getting very excited!!!

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