Saturday, May 1, 2010

FLOOD - our pictures

Today was the flood of the century, or so that's what everyone is saying. Can you believe it? Over two feet of rain in two days! Mom, dad and I went to Sams thinking it was just raining. We tried to drive by the property, but couldn't because Old Hickory Boulevard was flooded from every direction. Once we got home, we realized our basement had flooded and had two inches of water, coming in from the closest wall, flowing down the hallway and out the back door.

Here are some pictures mom and dad tool. This is what it looked like when we tried to get home:

Intersection at Blue Hole Road and Bell Road:

The batting cages and putt course at Blue Hole Road:

Old Hickory Boulevard at Barnes Road (we couldn't get to our property):

Neighborhood off Barnes Road:

And here's after the flood (May 3rd). At our property:
Where's our driveway?

Tipped over the lawn mower. We really thought it would be gone.

Where are the cedar logs from the trees daddy cut down:

The fence knocked down near property.

The batting cages after:

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