Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chattanooga - Train ride!!!

Finally, we're on the TRAIN!! And, if I didn't mention it, I LOVE IT!!

It was so fascinating to look out the window:

And sit in the seats, all by myself, (not in a carseat):

The train ride was a total of 45 minutes. You left the train station, went down the track 20 minutes, through a tunnel, over a river, then the train turned around, on the turntable, and you came back the same route to the same station. This is our stop while the train turned around. It was not only the turntable, but the train "shop," where all broken trains get fixed.

Here's an old engine (of course, my daddy was fascinated with this!):

This is our train conductor standing on the turntable explaining how the train turns around:

Our train boarding the turn table (you can barely see the engineer watching the back of the train to see when he has the whole car on the table):

The train is turning!

That engine again..

Back on the train and on our way!

Above we were in an enclosed (airconditioned) train car. We then walked through the car to an open air car. The windows were open for the air to blown in and I loved it! Mommy loved it too, but she had a death grip on me!

The ride is coming to an end. :(

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