Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow - AGAIN!

We have had 5 snow falls so far this year alone! This one was perfect sledding snow (probably because of the layer of ice under the snow). So, lets go sledding! You'll notice Meermaw and Granddaddy's truck on the background. They arrived literally minutes before the snow started for mommy's ultrasound with my sibling tomorrow.

Here's mommy gearing up to sled.

And daddy

Look at him go!

MY TURN! (Mommy and daddy went sledding on Ocala, but decided the little hill in the yard was plenty for me. Plus they didn't have to worry about cars in the yard!)


Yeeeaaaa, so much fun!

For the first time, I really played in the snow. I started walking and stomping around.

Why not get my shovel and bucket out?!

Daddy decided to bring out Rupert. He did NOT like the snow at all! Silly kitty!

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