Sunday, October 9, 2011

Disney on Ice

Today, mommy, daddy, Evan and I went to see Disney on Ice.

First, was NEMO!!! I loved seeing Nemo, Dory and the shark!

Then TOY STORY with Woody and Buzz.  Jesse even came out and I really wanted to see her horse, but he never came out...

I had so much fun and loved to clap ever chance I got!

At intermission, daddy got me a Nemo cup. I love it!! I forgot to tell you when we arrived at the arena, the staff could not find our seats, so they seated us in the handicapped section (i.e. front row on folding chairs.) They were great seats, but after I sat down to eat my shaved ice, the folding chair folded up on me and I fell to the floor (the concrete floor).  It scared mommy and daddy to death and I cried for awhile, but I eventually felt better.  And, the show went on! I managed to have some more fun!

 At the end, everyone came out to say goodbye!

 Then we strolled back to the car.

(OK, Evan and I really didn't stroll together to the car.  I wanted to hold him before we left, so mommy and daddy let me for a minute while the crowd died down.  Mommy then carried Evan to the car, while daddy pushed me in the stroller.)

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