Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Well, nothing was really different about my day, but mommy kissed me and told me happy new year. I suppose that means something happened last night.:)

I haven't recapped in while what I'm up to, so lets:

I say Rudog, which means Rudolph
I love Christmas lights and trees - I shout "LIGHTS!" as mommy drives down the road at night
I say Happy New You, which means Happy New Year
I say boodiful, which means beautiful
I say seery-up, which means syrup
I count to ten and then say eleven, twelve, eleventeen.
I definitely do not want to sit on Santa's lap - but I really want to see Santa
I love Evan and help sooth him if he's fussing
I love to play in mommy's car, swing and play on the playground
I love to sing
I love Dora, Tinkerbell, Princess, Strawberry Shortcake, and Tangled (princess)
I love to dress up, watch movies, and play with my dolls (both babies and barbie's)
When daddy says to Evan "I'm gonna get you sucka," I say "Evan want a sucker?"
I am still not using the potty, but am doing better (for daycare, not mommy and daddy!).

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