Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boat ride!!

Can you believe it - another beautiful day!! We are just having great weather and so early too! It's awesome! We're getting to do so many fun things outside!! Today we went on a boat ride and fishing. I loved it!!

Daddy started driving fast and here's how I reacted:

Then, when we got to just the right fishing hole, we anchored and fished with my princess pole!

On the way back, I wanted to do some trolling fishing... (somehow I managed to get my Rapalla caught on the boat motor...Daddy had to break the line and my new lure became a nut (like a bolt, screw, nut..nut..). Apparently, daddy didn't bring anything but my pole (which is smart with Mommy and Evan on the boat...and me...). Anyway, that's what I am using when trolling. I am none the wiser...

Then I decided to help us paddle back (we weren't really paddling, I was just dying to use it!).

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