Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I rolled over!

It's official this time, I rolled over last night in my crib!!! Mom woke up around midnight and thought I looked different on the monitor, so she went to check on me. She walked in my room and there I was - sound asleep ON MY BELLY! Of course mom immediately got every book she has out to see if she should leave me alone or flip me back over. None of them had any advise, all they said was I should roll over between 4 and 6 months. Since I'm only 2 months old, this just caused mom to worry even more that I was going to suffocate. After watching me sleep for an hour, dad told mom if she's going to be awake to flip me back over and if I wake up, I wake up. Well, I showed mom. She flipped me over and I woke up. Mom tried to feed me and put me back to bed, but I wouldn't have it. I was up until 4:30. Did I ever teach mom a lesson - Never touch a sleeping baby - I don't think she'll do that again! :)

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