Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My First Shots - And my 2 month doctor's appointment

Well, I made it. My first round of shots. Today was my 2 month doctor's visit and all went pretty well. I weighed in at 10 pounds 13 ounces and am 24 inches long. Still long and lean - can you believe it?! The doctor said all is still looking great. I am growing well and healthy as can be! Yea! Mom did mention concerns with my hearing. I did pass my newborn screen, so there isn't too much concern. However, mom has noticed sometimes I don't respond to loud noises or voices. The doctor jiggled a toy beside me and I didn't respond. Then she slammed a cabinet door and I still didn't respond. Daddy was holding me, so there's a chance I was just very secure and not concerned with all those noises. Nonetheless, I am going to have my hearing tested at a specialist within the next two weeks to ease mommy's concerns. I'll let you know how that goes! My little worrysome mommy....

My visit ended with my vaccines. I got one oral vaccination and 3 shots. I think mom and dad reacted worse than I did!! The nurse let dad hold me and I did cry, well I wailed, but mom and dad quickly calmed me down. Here's an after shot with my cute bandaides:

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