Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Mommy was in meetings all day today, so daddy and I got to spend the day together. Boy was it was COLD!!! Mommy didn't think it would be so miserable! Daddy and I only stayed outside about a half an hour because daddy thought it was too cold for me (notice what daddy has me in...mommy brought me a hat, mittens, blankets....where are they?!). The rest of the day we were cooped up in the hotel.

Behind the trees, behind me, is a park with benches shaped in a circle and each a number, forming a clock.

Our hotel was right on the river. It was pretty. Mommy went on an Architecture Riverboat Cruise today on this river (for work, without us... :( but had lots of fun and learned a lot about the city).

Here I am at a park. Beautiful!

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