Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today I went to Clarksville with mom and dad to see Granddaddy, Meermaw, Uncle Bubba, Aunt Stacy, Kirsten and DJ. First we went to Meermaw's art show at Austin Peay (she had 3 pieces in the art show!!). Then we went back to Uncle Bubba's house where we all got dressed up (well, DJ and I did) to trick or treat. I made it to a few houses before I got hungry and tired. :) After I ate, mom and dad stopped by Josh, Margaret, Emma, Lydia and Zanie's bon fire party. I had fallen asleep in the car and pretty much slept through this visit (I did wake up for a second and was mesmerized by the HUGE fire). It was a great first Halloween!

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