Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1 year doctor's visit

Today was my one year check up! I weighed in at 18 pounds and 14 ounces, 13th percentile. I am 2 feet 5 inches tall, 47th percentile. For my vaccines and lead testing, I had to have three shots and my toe pricked. It was not fun!!! Boy was I upset! The nurse who took the blood from my toe said she really does not look forward to having to do that in 3 years (the next time I have to have it done) because I was so strong and put up such a good fight this time!! To top off the visit, I have an ear infection! Mommy thought I had one since I have not been sleeping and have been so cranky! Hopefully now I will start sleeping again! Lets just hope I don't have a reaction to this medicine!!

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