Monday, September 29, 2008

My third doctor's appointment

Mom is now 16 weeks and just had her third appointment today. Everything went really well and mom and I are developing perfectly! Daddy was able to participate more in this appointment too. The doctor let him hold the Doppler machine and find my heartbeat. I was real still for him and showed everyone what a real strong heartbeat I have.

There was no ultrasound this time, but don't worry, more of the dreaded blood work (I hope mom can forgive me for all the needles she's enduring someday! HAHA!). While mom has wanted as many ultrasounds as possible, Shelli is only going to do 2, unless mom has any problems. The first ultrasound, as you've seen, mom had at 12 weeks for genetic testing and the second will be scheduled tomorrow for late October (20 weeks). At the second ultrasound, I will be measured to be sure I am developing alright and mom and dad can also find out if I am a boy or a girl. Shelli told mom they haven't done any long term testing on the affects of ultrasounds in children/adults, so she doesn't want to do any more ultrasounds on mom and pretty much made mom feel guilty if she insisted upon more. So, Shelli won and mom is learning to live with her impatience! Anyway, mom is now beyond antsy to feel me, but was told by the doctor that it's normal to not feel a thing until 20 weeks. That's still 4 weeks away - at least mom and dad got to hear my heartbeat again!

By the way, dad is still not convinced he wants to know until my birth what my sex is. Mom, being the impatient planner that she is, is dying to know! Stay tuned to see if mom and dad find out or not!

More to come later when we know when mom's next appointment and ultrasound is.


Katie said...

Send me an e-mail so taht I can e-mail all of my questions:O)
Mine is
looking fwd to hearing back from you...

Katie said...

I was going to see when your next appt. is set for?


meermaw said...

I love this! I put in my leave papers today for Oct 27. I can't wait to see Roni.

Susan Felts said...

K - I am sorry I am just now checking this! I wasn't ignoring you!! I just sent you an email, though. We'll catch up soon!

Meermaw - I love it! :) Yeah! I am so glad you can make it to the appointment (and so is Roni)!! Hopefully he/she will put on a show for you!!