Sunday, September 28, 2008

My first ultrasound, doppler and second doctor's appointment

It seemed like forever, but mom finally got her first ultrasound of me on August 28th. Boy were mom and dad excited, amazed and simply in awe over seeing me for the first time. What a miracle I truely am! After the ultrasound, mom had a doctor's appointment where the excitement continued. Since mom was 12 weeks now, the outside world could now hear my heartbeat with a Doppler. Mom and dad didn't want to leave either the ultrasound or the Doppler. Since mom still couldn't feel me, she loved the comfort of seeing me bounce all around and hearing my heartbeat. PS - Now mom is about to become quite antsy waiting the next couple of months before she sees or feels me!!! (you know she has no patience...)

And here I am:

And here mom is:

Stay tuned - Mom's next appointment is September 29th.

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