Sunday, September 28, 2008

Telling the parents and siblings

Mom and dad decided they had to tell my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in person. With none of them living in Nashville, TN, this caused most everyone to hear the great news on different days.

Grandaddy and Meermaw Felts were told first on July 20th as they headed back to GA (home) from a long trip to Nashville/Clarksville (this is a whole nother story involving my dad being in a cast and granddaddy coming to the rescue to keep dads small business going). Anyway, Granddaddy and Meermaw were onto mom and dad being pregnant, as mom had her doctors appointment and Grandaddy had to drive my dad to meet mom at the doctor's. Of course, Granddaddy and Meermaw were still very excited and told us I would be joined by a cousin, as Ross and Katie were also pregnant and due in March too. How exciting! (I think mom and Katie need to have a talk, as they seem to be on the same baby making schedule!)

Grandma and Grandpa Holzer and Uncle Bart, Aunt Kara, Zane and Annabeth were all told on July 26th in Indiana at a family reunion. I guess all of Grandma's side of the family was also told this day as your Uncle Bart couldn't contain his excitement and wait until mommy was a little farther along! That's OK, mom really enjoyed being able to share the news in person with everyone!

Last, but not least, Uncle David, Aunt Stacy, Kristen and DJ were told August 8th at Olive Garden. They were also very excited and can't wait to meet me!

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