Saturday, March 12, 2011

2nd Birthday - Presents galore!

We opened presents at the park before we all had to leave. I got so many fun things, thank you everyone!

What's this? The remote to Grandma and Grandpa's gate, so I can visit them anytime I want (and go swimming!)!! Yea!

Dora book, love it:

MONKEY! My favorite!

Oh, the sticker book was the best:

A new baby doll. I love the paci for the baby:

Back at home, Meermaw and Granddady gave me their gifts. I got a book that has Granddaddy's voice recorded as he reads me the story. So cool!

AND a rocking chair from Cracker Barrel!! SO much fun!

Oh, my Dora doll and sunglasses:

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