Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dad felt me kick!

Now that mom is certain she feels me kicking and moving around in her belly (Yeah!), she decided to try to get dad to feel a kick too. Since I seem to be most active at night (which mom thinks is not a good trend to start....but what does she expect, both her and dad are night owls!!), mom and dad decided to try it tonight. After our flight home, mom layed on the couch and just had dad keep his hand on her belly. At first he felt little movements, probably my back flips, and then I gave him one good jab. He could feel me!!! Yeah!!

Don't forget, Grandma, Grandpa, Meermaw and Grandaddy are coming up Friday/Saturday for my big ultrasound Monday. We are all so excited. Stay tuned!!!

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Katie said...

That is so exciting!!!
Ross still has not felt Jacob move and to be honest....I am surprised I feel him seeing as the movements are so soft and light. Congrats!