Thursday, October 23, 2008

My first flight

Well, after weeks of mom dreading my first flight, it is over and I was wonderful! I don't know what she was so worried about!! She mentioned something about being away from her doctor/hospital if there was an emergency and me making her sick on the flight. I say she just worries too much! :) This is just the beginning, mom!! Dad was going to go with her, but she talked him out of it. He needed to stay home and get some work done - at his job and on the house!!! Anyway, I was flying because mom had a business trip in Las Vegas. We left on Sunday and returned today. Mom followed doctor's orders and had her "spec" sheet if something did go medically wrong, drank lots of water on the flight, ate little snacks the whole way and walked around as much as the flight attendants would let her. I didn't make her sick at all, but I did kick her quite a bit to let her know I wished we were on the ground! We're glad to be back home!

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